Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)


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Dear Valued Customer,


  1. I hereby give my consent so that Vaal Print Embroidery Signs (Pty) Ltd trading as Canvas and Sign (herein referred to as Canvas and Sign) may collect, process and distribute my personal information where Canvas and Sign is legally required to do so.
  2. I understand my right to privacy & the right to have my personal information processed in accordance with the conditions for the lawful processing of personal information.
  3. I acknowledge that I understand the purposes for which my personal information is required and for which it will be used. 
  4. I hereby consent that I understand that third parties will have access to my personal information and I hereby consent to Canvas and Sign sharing my personal information strictly for reporting to the relevant parties.
  5. I understand that, should I refuse to provide Canvas and Sign with the required consent and/or information Canvas and Sign will be unable to assist after inception of the POPI Act.
  6. I understand further, that all my personal information which I provide to Canvas and Sign will be held and/or stored securely for the purpose for which it was collected.
  7. I declare that all my personal information supplied to Canvas and Sign for the purposes of the above mentioned and related legal reasons is accurate, up-to-date, is not misleading and that it is complete in all respects.
  8. I undertake to immediately advise Canvas and Sign of any changes to the my personal information should any of these details change.
  9. I give consent to Canvas and Sign to print/recreate any images I supply them with for the purpose I requested it for, and understand that they will not be held liable for images of third parties for such request/s;
  10. I understand and agree that Canvas and Sign will delete all images for photo/s and/or canvas/es and/or fridge magnet orders after I received my order, or on the 10th of each month whichever comes first.